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A prominent VPN service with decent offerings

Based in Canada, BTGuard is a prominent service because of its endorsement by the website TorrentFreak. It offers decent speeds, good security, and reasonably priced packages. The service offers users two packages, namely VPN and BitTorrent Proxy, both of which are reasonably priced, and offer their own flavors. The service provides its users two connection options, which include OpenVPN and PPTP connections. Although, OpenVPN is the widely recommended connection, it is good to have another option at your disposal.
On the privacy front, BTGuard does not maintain any logs, and only personal information is kept for billing purposes, but that is not much of a concern. As far as security is concerned, OpenVPN connections use a strong 256-bit AES encryption, while PPTP connections use a 128-bit encryption as standard.
Signing up for and installing the service is extremely easy. If any problems are encountered, the FAQ section and support pages on the BTGuard website should prove sufficient, as they contain helpful answers to the most asked questions. Customer support is only provided through a ticket-based email service, but you can expect accurate and quick responses to your queries.
Connection speeds are decent, and while there are other VPN services with better, you will find web surfing to be smooth and without any major lags. The service can also be used on Android devices, allowing you to access the web anonymously from your phones. Overall, BTGuard is good at the areas that matter (speed and anonymity) and it can be safely said that it will be able to fulfill your needs adequately.


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Описание Сърфирайте в интернет анонимно с този софтуер Изтеглете Private Internet Access, версия 0.04244212962962963 Изтеглете CactusVPN, версия 0.16875 Изтеглете NordVPN, версия 0.386
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